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Evaluation of drug permeation under fed state conditions using mucus-covered Caco-2 cell epithelium
Birch, D., Diedrichsen, R. G., Christophersen P.C., Huiling M., Nielsen, H.M. Eur. J. of Pharm. Sci., Volume 118, 15 June 2018, p. 144-153.

Biopolymer nanogels improve antibacterial activity and safety profile of a novel lysine-based α-peptide/β-peptoid peptidomimetic
Klodzinska, N.S., Molchanova, N. Franzyk, H., Hansen, R.P., Damborg, P., Nielsen, H.M. Eur.J.Pharm.Biopharm., 2018 Mar 29 . [Epub ahead of print]

Stereochemistry as a determining factor for the effect of a cell-penetrating peptide on cellular viability and epithelial integrity
Birch, D., Christensen, M.V., Staerk, D., Franzyk, H., Nielsen, H.M. Biochemical Journal, 2018 Apr 23. [Epub ahead of print]  

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