Direct observations of nanoparticle interactions and mobility within biological interfaces

Talk by PhD Stud. Søren S.-R. Bohr, Dep. Chemistry and Nanoscience Center, KU.

Søren S.-R. Bohr, Jacob Kæstel-Hansen, Henrik D. Pinholt, Hanne Mørck Nielsen and Nikos S. Hatzakis
Selected speaker, Danish Bioimaging Meeting Fall 2021, Oct. 28th, DTU Lyngby, Denmark.

Danish Bioimaging Meeting Fall 2021

The physical 2021 meeting of the Danish Bioimaging Network takes place at DTU Lyngby 27-28 October.

The aim of the meeting is to once again provide a platform for the Danish bioimaging community to meet in person, share new knowledge and facilitate collaboration with Danish and international partners.

The meeting is divided into two days: the first day includes several invited speakers, numerous hands-on workshops, a poster session and the conference dinner. The second day includes two international plenary speaker as well as several contributed talks from the Danish bioimaging community.

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