The microbiome of the gut: Roles in health and disease


The human microbiome has received increasing attention over the past many years. Although gut microbes have been explored for several decades, investigations of their role in health and disease are now attracting much attention beyond studies of classical infectious and inflammatory gut diseases. It is evident that a balanced normal gut microbiota is important for well-being, and also that diseases in other parts of the body can influence the gut microbiota. This includes not only obesity, diabetes, and liver diseases, but also cancer and even neurodegenerative diseases. At this seminar, a panel of experts will provide an overview of the current knowledge and examples of practice in exploring – and exploiting – gut microbes for health management.


14.00-14.10 Welcome by the Danish Pharmaceutical Society
Steen Ingwersen and Hanne Mørck Nielsen
14.10-14:50 The human gut microbiome
Professor Oluf Borbye Pedersen, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, Copenhagen
14.50-15.30 Treatment opportunities with intestinal microorganisms
Chief Physician and Clinical Research Associate Professor Andreas Munk Petersen, Gastrounit, Amager-Hvidovre Hospital
15:30-15.45 Break with refreshments
15.45-16.20 Targeting and modulating gut microbes for therapy
VP - Head of Synthetic Biology and Bioinformatics Eric van der Helm, SNIPR Biome, Copenhagen

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