Copenhagen Nanomedicine Day 2018

BioDelivery Center's Principal Investigator, Urs Hafeli, is organizing the Copenhagen Nanomedicine Day 2018. The already second Copenhagen Nanomedicine Day 2018 highlights many different, new and exciting fields of nanomedicine. Topics range from lipid nanoparticle applications for cancer treatment and gene editing to magnetic particle imaging and the complexity of delivering nanoparticles that can penetrate solid tumours. The goal of the event is to establish a collaborative network between researchers, postdoctoral fellows, life science companies and start-up biotechnology companies from Copenhagen, and other universities in Denmark and from abroad. At the same time, it will highlight future job opportunities for students in related fields, including materials sciences, biomedical engineering, medicine, chemistry, life sciences and any pharmaceutical related areas. 

For questions, please contact Prof. Urs Hafeli, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen at

Program (link).