Seminar 'Oral Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals' was a success – University of Copenhagen

06 June 2018

Seminar 'Oral Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals' was a success


On May 31, BioDelivery Center organized the seminar ‘Oral Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals’ in cooperation with the Danish Pharmaceutical Society.

The topic of the seminar was highly relevant for both academia and industries, since there is a strong focus from both sides, at the moment, on developing drug delivery systems that enable oral delivery of selected biopharmaceuticals. Thus, this seminar featured the most recent studies within the field of biopharmaceuticals, and the participants were able to discuss selected technologies and strategies.

The program of the seminar is available (here).

Participants about the seminar:

"The talks were well linked, going from basics, to preclinical, and then clinical data in a focused area.  All three talks were given by experienced researchers.  The audience contributed to a good discussion, with a good mix of academics and industrial people, most of whom were active researchers in the oral peptide area."

David Brayden, Professor, Veterinary Sciences Centre, University College Dublin    

"A very interesting seminar with and a great mix of presenters from both academia and industry. The program provided an excellent introduction to the area by Professor Hanne Mørck Nielsen followed by Professor David Brayden talking about formulation technology. Last, Stephen T. Buckley and  Tine A. Bækdal gave an insight to the formulation strategy and clinical testing of Semaglutide."

Stine Harloff-Helleberg, Postdoc, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen