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Interactions of Cell-Penetrating Peptide-Modified Nanoparticles with Cells Evaluated Using Single Particle Tracking
Sarah Streck, Søren S.-R. Bohr, Ditlev Birch, Thomas Rades, Nikos S. Hatzakis, Arlene McDowell, and Hanne Mørck Nielsen. ACS Appl. Bio Mater. 2021, 4, 4, 3155–3165.

Simultaneous SPECT imaging with 123I and 125I - a practical approach to assessing a drug and its carrier at the same time with dual imaging
Nosrati Z, Esquinas P, Rodriguez-Rodriguez C, Tran T, Maharaj A, Saatchi K, Häfeli UO (2021). Int J Pharm 606, 120884.

Revealing the importance of carrier-cargo association in delivery of insulin and lipidated insulin
Ragna Guldsmed Diedrichsen, Stine Harloff-Helleberg, Ulrich Werner, Melissa Besenius, Ekkehard Leberer, Mie Kristensen, Hanne Mørck Nielsen. Journal of Controlled Release, Volume 338, 2021.

Controlling the fractal dimension in self-assembly of terpyridine modified insulin by Fe2+ and Eu3+ to direct in vivo effects
Narendra Kumar Mishra, Mads Østergaard, Søren Roi Midtgaard, Sophie S. Strindberg, Stefan Winkler, Shunliang Wu, Thomas Just Sørensen, Tue Hassenkam, Jens-Christian N. Poulsen, Leila Lo Leggio, Hanne Mørck Nielsen, Lise Arleth,  Niels Johan Christensen, Peter W. Thulstrup and  Knud J. Jensen. Nanoscale (RSC Publishing) (2021).

Polarization-Dependent All-Dielectric Metasurface for Single-Shot Quantitative Phase Imaging
Engay, E, Huo, D., Malureanu, Bunea, A.-I. & Lavrinenko, A. Nano Lett. (2021).

Additive manufacturing of polymeric scaffolds for biomimetic cell membrane engineering
Sabaté Rovira, D.; Nielsen, H.M., Taboryski, R. & Bunea, A.-I. Mater. Des. 201, 109486 (2021).

Large plasmonic color metasurfaces fabricated by super resolution deep UV lithography
Keil, M.; Wetzel, A.E.; Wu, K.; Khomtchenko, E.; Urbankova, J.; Boisen, A.; Rindzevicius, T.; Bunea, A.-I. & Taboryski, R. 
Nanoscale Adv.



Bioimaging and Biodistribution of the Metal-Ion-Controlled Self-Assembly of PYY3–36 Studied by SPECT/CT
Kalomoiri P, Rodríguez-Rodríguez C, Sørensen KK, Bergamo M, Saatchi K, Häfeli UO, Jensen KJ (2020). ChemBioChem 21, 1-12.

EJP18 peptide derived from the Juxtamembrane domain of epidermal growth factor receptor represents a novel membrane-active cell-penetrating peptide 
Eissa N., Birch D., Sayers E., Patel S., Tsai Y., Nielsen HM., Jones AT.; Biochem J.; 2020 Jan 17; 477(1): p. 45-60.

Ultrasmall TPGS–PLGA Hybrid Nanoparticles for Site-Specific Delivery of Antibiotics into Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms in Lungs
Wan F., Bohr S S-R., Jumaa H., Huang Z., Nylander T., Thygesen MB., Sørensen KK., Jensen KJ., Sternberg C., Hatzakis N., Nielsen HM.; ACS Appl. Mater. Inter. 12 (2020) 380-389. 

Membrane interactions in drug delivery: Model cell membranes and orthogonal techniques.
Bunea, A.-I.*; Harloff-Helleberg, S.; Taboryski, R. & Nielsen, H.M. ; Adv. Colloid Interface Sci. 281, 102177 (2020).



Optical catapulting of microspheres in mucus models-toward overcoming the mucus biobarrier
Bunea A-I., Chouliara M., Harloff-Helleberg S., Bañas AR., Engay E., Glückstad J.; J Biomed Opt; 2019 Mar; 24 (3): p. 1-9.

Optimization of 3D-printed microstructures for investigating the properties of the mucus biobarrier
Bunea A-I., Jakobsen MH., Engay E., Bañas AR., Glückstad J.; Micro Nano Eng; 2019 Mar; 2: p. 41-7.

Interferometric detection of OAM-carrying Helico-conical beams
Engay E., Bañas A., Bunea A-I., Separa SD., Glückstad J.; Opt Commun; 2019 Feb; 433: p. 247-51.

Strategies for Optical Trapping in Biological Samples: Aiming at Microrobotic Surgeons
Bunea A-I., Glückstad J.; Laser Photon Rev; 2019 Feb; 13 (4): 1-17.

Three-dimensional light sculpting using a geometric analysis
Bañas A., Engay E., Bunea A.-I., Separa SD., Glückstad J.; Opt Commun; 2019 Jan; 431: p. 210–21.